Francesca and Raoul Martinez Appearing at Liberating Arts

“A comic Sensation!”           “A five star act!”          “Hilarious!”

“Excellent. Sharp, hard-hitting and very funny!”

Francesca Martinez and her brother Raoul are appearing together at the Liberating Arts Festival at Exeter University, 3-5 November.

Francesca Martinez is an award-winning stand-up comedian, writer and actress, born in London to a Spanish father and a half-Swedish/half-English mother. She has cerebral palsy but prefers to describe herself as “wobbly”. She has sold out shows at the Edinburgh Festival and internationally, including the Melbourne Comedy Festival, the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the Perth Festival, and the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. In 2014 she completed a 68-date UK/Ireland tour and has had multiple off-West End London runs at the Tricycle Theatre, the Hackney Empire, and the Soho Theatre.

Francesca will perform on the opening night of the festival and then on the Saturday will appear with her brother, Raoul Martinez, who will be at the festival to discusses his book and film Creating Freedom.

Free markets, free elections, free media, free thought, free speech, free will–the language of freedom pervades our lives, framing the most urgent issues of our time and the deepest questions about who we are and who we want to be. It is a foundational concept at the heart of our civilization, but it has long been distorted to justify its opposite: soaring inequality, the erosion of democracy, an irrational criminal justice system, and a dehumanizing foreign policy. Raoul Martinez argues that the more we understand the limits on our freedom, the better placed we are to transcend them.

Tickets for the festival will be on sale from the end of this month.

Townsend Productions, Banner Theatre and Red Ladder Confirmed

Townsend Productions, Banner Theatre & Red Ladder are all confirmed for Liberating Arts.

Liberating Arts is a not-for-profit, hybrid event being organised by the GFTU and hosted by Exeter University, which shares characteristics of an arts festival, an academic conference and a celebration of trade unionism such as the Tolpuddle Festival and the Durham Miners Gala. It aims to be both discursive and performative and its chief aim is to connect trade unionists with progressive, political artists.

Tickets will go on sale in the week of 15th May.